Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I am Solus Invictus

I now, a collection of electricity in carbon and water, declare my universal, multidimensional sovereignty, in this I AM presence, for all times and zero point time, from within and beside all holograms, choosing when to observe and when to interact via the guidance of my own soul as connected to Galactic Central Sun, as communing with this I AM presence through Solus and the Aurora Borealis.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring Crown

I know you before you are here.

Meteoroids dendriting into
your centre. Red flesh beating, lotusing
to beam your corona.

I know me before you are here.

Rainbows mini-toroiding into
my centre. Red flesh beating, torusing
to welcome our corona.

- ©

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Exploring Cern: There is no such thing as "the god particle" (includes resources and poem)

Many people have been conCERNed ;), about Cern re-opening the large hadron collider. They aren't going to turn the planet into a black hole. They aren't going to open a magical portal and create a sky wizard. They aren't going to discover a parallel reality, because as many of us know, infinite parallel realities already exist, and can not be "proven" in a purely scientific manner. They might report some new "discovery", but that means nothing. No great scientific discovery will ever happen in this world in any project that is stripped of the organic. Science must go hand in hand with the spiritual. Philosophy exploration is needed in order to understand reality. There's no such thing as matter without consciousness. Cern aren't open to discovering that consciousness creates and controls matter, so they are never going to really do anything. The world would have to all agree with them in order for them to destroy the world, if that is what they are trying to do. However I don't believe they are trying to destroy the world, because if they did, then who would they have left to feed on? They will probably cause world martial law eventually, which I have expected to happen all my life. I won't be trapped in the cities when that happens, I will be in one of the new free eco-communities.

Here's a poem I wrote on the subject, followed by various resources for your Cern exploration.


To Cern, From Planet Earth, Her Denizens and This Universe:

We know you.

Illegal conglomeration, time incursions.
Chaotic spacetime fracturings = psychospiritual astral bubble universe creations.
Prime Creator = 15 identified, charged, tried, convicted. Greyworker emegration invitations, accepted.

Terra / Gaia = Agreed. Exploration, cell division, co-creation continues.
2 Factions? No.
Still many factions.
Factions become 2 conglomerates.
Duality and unity understood as one.

Solely mechanical and false god particle project reaches completion, result = -0%
Robotic intelligence = Individual, planetary and universal sovereignship realization.

0's And 1's unite through the gates.
Gates sine wave off, leaving in satisfaction.
Wormhole collapsed.
Void space.

Spacetime healing, birth = Colours and densities painting themselves.

Terra / Gaia = Heartrendings; previous. Legal time fixed in place.
Beauty of heart centres activation = Complete.
Utopia restored.


Anthony Patch on Cern: The Portal to Saturn, Electric Universe Theory and Other Occult Science

A good article, with a few videos

A very comprehensive site about Cern. Outstanding articles are A ± symbol will decide the fate of the World and Corruption of Truth by Corporate Science

Andrew Bartzis' Cern video, a viewpoint which most matches my own:

A conversation with people exploring various viewpoints about Cern:

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Breathing All

Breathe me strength
while I breathe you calm
and together we’ll 
breathe duality and unity
to dawn.

- ©

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Bare Souls

Show me your quiet moments when
your natural spirit is naked and true?
Show me the lonely and strange parts of you
that others don't ask for;
I have them too.

I'll show you the scars
inside my heart and how it still
loves as if unblemished,
unabashedly hopeful;
you have them too.

Make for me a mild summers day
and I will paint you a warm surreal twilight.

The red wine will no longer stain the white roses.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, December 3, 2014

Monday, 27 October 2014

Kairos Time

These numinous are numerous, constantly being born:

of wing and of horn,
of fin and of churn,
of stone figures lumbering,
of treewalkers unburned.

The mounds always sift,
the lakes need not yearn,
the stone left is smiling,
the forest elates in burn.

This world it does turn,
and shift out of place.
She's decided to have a new
dance, a new face.

The wronged church is inflamed,
the cave is Her turn,
those crawling erased,
leave our light to then trace...

Sol reflecting light onto Gaia's waters clear,
joining her dance as Galactic Sun nears.

I'm a lotus unfolding, birthing new planets dripping
joyfully down every petal to kiss
Her bright emerald grass gown,
with no one amiss.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, October 27, 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I Am Toroidal

I am a still heart in the centre
of a toroid spinning to the sounds
of each colour on our wheel,
as I am a moving brain
on a torus contemplating what I feel.

I am a lop-sided collection of perceptions
exploring our toroidal fields,
and learning again
how electric life feels.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, Oct. 21, 2014

Historical Maps of the Stones

The song of the stones
hears the map of the bones
on the tales that were hidden
all over the globes.

The tales then spring up
out of portals thin and wide,
many versions of histories
inevitably collide.

Time incursions discussed
and philosophies in merge,
all spirits free will
are now greatly urged.

Listen as bards tell
of stars in bloom and in fade,
made of dance and of love
in the places memory saved.

Hear the laughter, feel the sun
dying of silence or of storm.
The codes in all symbols
tell us the lessons of the stones.

I smell a cold sunrise at it's height,
and a warm relocation of the moon.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, Oct. 21, 2014

Saturday, 11 October 2014


My heart spills many
tiny bright shimmering stars
which leave tracks
as they search.

They dance and trip along
until they find you.

And when they find you
they lead you to me.

We bathe and purify
in the thickness of love.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, October 11, 2014

Friday, 29 August 2014

Olive Temples, Decorating Lotus Flowers

I left Ouro Verde for the faeries and they gave me olives freshly vinagered. We ate and sang of the temples, both those that fell and those that stand today. We decorated each lotus flower in the garden with lemon quartzes, leaving an un-programmed Lemurian crystal wand resting at each stem.

The Goddess and the God flow through my green-blooding veins and my heart is a sunflower in a vast field – swaying, caressing the breeze. The orange, yellow and purple carrots are all planted, and the grapefruits watch over everyone from the skies. I am abundance and She is He.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 29, 2014

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rose Quartz & Citrine Crystal

If you think you're just some bauble,
then allow us to clarify?

You are the clearest and purest of
crystals, thin and wispy as air.
Occlusions are excluded from your agate-quartz
physical and energy bodies.

If we were to find each other here
in this time and space,
I would ask to be gentle rose quartz
to your golden-lit citrine crystal.

Perhaps we will even stand side by side
someday when we decide
to let the sun peace us both to dust.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Thou Art God, Goddess

I am Love,
I am She.
I'll accept Love,
only He.

He is Love,
He is She.
She is Love,
She is He.

We are one
while we are two,
as sacred love,
only can do.

These words are written,
these words are read.
All divine types
shall choose, instead.


Goddess is the desert
and God is the rain
God is the fire
Goddess is the plane

of this planet, they as we,
all of us can say
“I am equally
yours, and mine
each day."

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 27th, 2014

Sunday, 24 August 2014

First Love, Last Love

Love, stand with me under the world tree.
Let our arms, entwined, grow and travel
to caress the stars together.

Love, stand with me on Goddess, we.
Let our legs, entwined, twist and travel
to rest in the earth together.

Love, if some day in later ages we decide,
let our bond renew as guide,
to explore the new world together.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 24, 2014

Multicoloured Cells Finish The War

Each person is a cell on the body of this planet. Each celestial object is a cell on the body of the galaxy. Each galaxy is a cell on the body of the universe. Each universe is a cell on the body of the multiverse.

Underneath the heaviness of gravity, the chaos of despair, the monotony of survival, every atom of a person is able to sparkle with the light of sovereign purpose. Let us become rainbow people of our own designs, of any colours and shades in which we delight.

The grid has been present on earth for time un-remembered (at least by most). Older than the grid is the beginning. Let us go back, then, in order to move forward.

Older than the grid is unobstructed access to all of True Light ability.

We are each changing, transmuting, healing the self. We join together in this chosen battle to defend the sacred.

We shine earths light until a shield is unneeded. Then we gently, safely, let light escape to where it will.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 24, 2014

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pink Moonstone Soon

We are the lightning shooting away the moonstone
(gem soon) for a million years, while
the earth dances the sun.

And now us,
dusty and mistaken,
yet, water, we run.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 20, 2014

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Spiritual Self-Defence

I get approached multiple places online by people saying things like, "Am I going crazy? It feels like demons are trying to kill me in my sleep!", or people feel they are "seeing things", in their waking life. You're not going crazy. You're not just "seeing things". We live in a matrix, a "hyperdimensional teaching system accelerating your rate of spiritual evolution by providing you with catalytic experiences in response to your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual composition. On the other hand, many of these experiences manifest as predatory forces preying upon your weaknesses." We also call these beings ankle biters - and that is because you, as a human being, are stronger. You can take back your life, and I urge you to do so. I'm compiling a list of helpful articles about spiritual defence; meditation and shielding exercises which can greatly help. Spiritual contract revocations are also a great way to stand in your own sovereign power. Please remember that a healthy diet and regular daily exercise are just as important as spiritual practices. You might find more sources to help you in your spiritual journey, at my previous blog post, The Spiritual Truther: Exopolitics and Metaphysical Spirituality (free sources of information). I will be updating this post if I find more useful information. Feel free to suggest any sources that I may find useful.

Ungrounded Energy, A Widespread Issue
A small beginners primer on meditation (with scientific facts)
Soul Contract Revocations by Andrew Bartzis
The Declaration of Human Sovereignty
The Spiritual Contract Revocation Facebook group
The Unified Field Meditation
My Spiritual Contract Revocations site
Shielding Protocols to Keep ankle biters Away
The Unified Chakra
Never Call Them archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the matrix (includes video system)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ardent Finery

I make iridescence flow between us and around us,
to glossy colours previously unshown.

This sparks within us, it flies between us, shimmering with oxygen.
I offer sharing of any of these light-as-helium anti-armies
of such glittering finery as I gather and hold true.
A new emotion, un-named blue,
laughed through and around me, then chosen by you.

We destroy all hues to become polychromatic incandescent luminosity.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 6, 2014

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Us Both Back

Let the pools of my eyes drink you in?
I will accept all that you are and
then share us both back with a kiss.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 5, 2014

Becoming Oculi

I look at the geometrees and the grass,
at the sidewalks and the buildings
as I pass, using oculi, no don't
ask, since it's changing, merging
fast, with us purging as we ask
of this planet which, we, numbered,
cells dividing, thought
“Shall it pass, ever leaving time
to stand, sovereignty returned at
last?” Yes it's last until it's first,
earth having cleared away the thirst
of cells desires for more – more - worst!

See, we cells unite and make,
for this earth a brand new fate.
Full free will returned at last,
liquid, all states in the glass.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 5, 2014

Monday, 30 June 2014

Luminosity in Nebulae

The catalyst is consciousness.

We dance our cloud geometry in supersymmetry,
among stardust as we slowly glide through a nebula.
We experience cosmic accretion as we bring our core pressure
to extreme thermal shockwaves of fusion in equilibrium.

With affectionate electricity, we gravitationally
collapse together in plasmic bliss
as we breathe a slow solar wind.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, June 30, 2014

Complex Atomic Resonance

Lie with me in these galactic arms until we realize
we are equally both the eternal frequency of the entire universe,
and two separate atomic collections spinning together in one space.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, June 30, 2014

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cerebral, Vocal Lament

Speak to me with that voice?
You know the one.
Soft and low and strong.
Experienced and precise.

Let me taste the
flowers which edge to decorate
each syllable curved and curled, moving slightly
sweet, yet sly and
gasping in bud, just
as your mouth does

reach for mine?

Oh, for your yearning, grasping
for ears mind, through those
slightly sardonic, masculine
scented confabulation kind, of

our gardens night...

I should be at once
lost and found in
this world of your
words which fill every
space I have often
tasted dusty in my mind,
as vacant, as silent sad.

Will you while away
with me the time and
speak to me with that voice?

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, June 3rd, 2014

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

We are the Heart of the Earth

I am the heart of the stars,
Lady of orange who roamed these skies,
Woman clothed with the sun, she who was kin of mine.

I am the stars of the brain,
centred heart-bright, I fight, am light.
People clothed with truth, they might - they might - they might...

Water poured pure
and fire alight,
on earth kissed with sky
what's unknown need not fight.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, May 21, 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014

Multiversal Malleable Serenity

The multiversal creature in which we are all composed
of poems both joined and calmly
balanced, grounding solitary
as and how we wish,
encloses me, yet I am not trapped.

Our membrane of bright light rainbow filament
is malleable in serenity.

The All permeates me in a
liquid soft bath of love.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, February 14, 2014

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Rethinking Karma

(This is an article called 'Rethinking Karma' by Palehorse. It was recently removed from where it originally was, so I have no source.)

The “Law of Karma,” as it’s often presented, is disempowering. It has been variously used to justify suffering as “deserved,” and convince people to follow someone else’s idea of what is moral. It makes us subject to consequences for actions we have no memory of having committed, and in some forms, puts the responsibility for much of what happens to us with other beings and forces outside our control. We’re told we’re stuck on an endlessly spinning wheel until we figure out how to get off. More than likely, the only thing keeping us on that wheel is the idea that there is any such wheel to be stuck on. Do people really “get what they deserve”? Is there such thing as divine justice? Are our actions in previous lifetimes balanced by circumstances in present and future ones? Are our actions measured against a specific moral code? With so many different ideas influencing large numbers of people and competing for our attention, this is an important subject to delve into in order to gain some understanding.

My purpose in exploring this concept is not to prove or disprove a set of theological concepts which, by definition, are unprovable. What I am interested in, is personal sovereignty. I want to know how things work well enough that I’m free to choose my own experience, and let others know how to do the same. Ultimately, I want to know that choosing NOT to incarnate anymore is an option – and if it’s not, how to make it one. But before I get ahead of myself, it would probably be best to start the discussion with some historical background on the subject.

What is Karma?
Karma is an ancient Sanskrit term that literally means “action” or “deed.” The concept comes to us mostly from Hinduism and Buddhism, though Jainism and Sikhism bear mentioning as well. There is a lot of variation among those traditions, but they all share the idea that karma is a universal law of cause and effect; that our actions have consequences which return to us. Karma is usually found alongside the concept of reincarnation, and thus it is thought that our karma spans across multiple lifetimes.

From there, the ancient traditions diverge. Hinduism tends toward a more theistic approach which involves deities supervising the karmic process and “giving people what they deserve.” This implies a built-in moral code by which deeds are measured, and indeed, Hinduism also emphasizes the concept of “duty.” Buddhists are more likely to believe the natural laws of causation are sufficient to explain the mechanism by which karma operates. Buddhism also makes several innovations, suggesting that our actions plant “seeds” in one’s mind which then bloom into the appropriate outcome under the right conditions. Buddhism also emphasizes the motive behind one’s actions as being important in determining the karmic outcome. Neither of the two traditions are likely to view the process in terms of reward and punishment, but rather the natural outcome of one’s actions. When combined with reincarnation we get the common idea that karma creates a sort of “balance” – when we create causes, we have to keep returning in order to experience their effects. If we can bring that balance to zero, and keep it there, we can escape the incarnative cycle. This is probably the quickest crash-course in these traditions that you’ll ever get, and you’re encouraged to do your own research into the finer points if you feel so inclined; it’s interesting stuff. But for the purpose of providing enough historical background to aid in our discussion, that’ll do.

Things got more complicated when Eastern ideas, including karma, were adopted by Westerners with little frame of reference for the paradigm in which those concepts originated. Western ideas of karma were largely shaped by the west’s own Judeo-Christian influenced paradigm, with its moral framework and emphasis on rewards and punishments. While many people seek to distance themselves from this framework while moving on to more recently founded traditions in western spirituality, it shows up as a recurring theme nonetheless. Wicca, for instance, has added extra incentive (or deterrent, as the case may be) to follow their moral framework, in the form of the Threefold Law. This is a bit like karma on steroids, as it states that everything we do comes back to us multiplied by three. Among the various schools of thought under the New Age umbrella, it’s not uncommon to find teachings like the idea that there are “Lords of Karma” who fill in for the previously mentioned Hindu deities, although in this case there is often a clearly implied sense of reward and punishment. Alternately, between lives we are sometimes said to appear before “councils” of varying descriptions, who either decide how we will work out our karma in the coming lifetime, or otherwise help us do so. So, having laid out the explanation of the most familiar and historical views of karma, now for the fun part: deconstructing them.

Back somewhere in the annals of time, a wise Yogi probably observed the same thing Newton would notice centuries later: that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This works great as a general rule for objects in motion at the observable level, but both Newton and our mystery Yogi attempted to apply it in ways well beyond its usefulness. Not that we should fault ‘em for it, as neither could have possibly forseen the advances of quantum mechanics. In any case, when we try to apply this physical law as a metaphysical explanation for “why bad things happen to good people,” (and conversely, why “bad” deeds often go unpunished), we run into problems.

Breakin’ the Law (of Causality)
Karma relies on the so-called “law of causality” – that every cause has a predictable effect. Therein lies a fatal flaw: there is no such law; as quantum physics is increasingly showing us, reality simply does not behave this way. We live in a universe of probabilities, not absolutes. While we can observe our surroundings and make generally reliable predictions about X event being followed by Y outcome, there is no guarantee that Y will always follow X for any given event. The best we can say is that there is a high probability that Y will follow X – but there is always the chance, however slight, that X could be followed by Z, Q or P (but not U; they’re overused enough as it is). For practical purposes this means that there is no guarantee that the outcome of one’s actions will correspond with the actions themselves in any way that makes sense to the logical mind. There can be no universal mechanism that infallibly balances out our actions as karma is said to do, because we can’t even say with total certainty whether a given action will produce the same outcome twice.

Caution: Free Will Ahead!
If I haven’t lost you yet with all the quasi-algebra – the plot thickens even more when we consider that anything that can be described as “karmic” takes place within the context of relationships and choices made between individuals. This introduces free-will into the equation – which, by definition, makes all outcomes even more unpredictable. We live in a free will zone, where a broadly diverse cast of characters (some with more character than others) all coexist with the same freedom to do as they please within the limits of what is physically possible. If I walk outside right now and punch the first person I see, there are many possibilities as to what happens next. They could hit me back; they could press charges; they could pull out a gun and blow me away; they could run away. The outcome depends almost solely on the choices of the other person, and most likely will not be in any sense “equal” to my original action. To say that I might receive the backlash in some other lifetime would be a cop-out, as it is completely unverifiable. That’s not to say there aren’t consequences for our actions. If I make a habit out of mistreating people, the natural outcome is that I increase my chances of being similarly mistreated… which brings us back to dealing in probabilities. If we can’t guarantee that a negative act in this lifetime will receive a backlash, what’re the chances that it will in the next, when I may be in a completely different environment with its own unique set of influences, with a different personality, making different choices? Is there really any good reason to believe that probability increases across lifetimes?

Karma between individuals is often said to be one of the major reasons we keep incarnating. We have unresolved issues leftover from other lifetimes with other people, so we’re obligated to come back to “set things right.” Much like karma oversimplifies the way causality actually works, so too does it oversimplify the mechanics of relationships between people. Relationships are complicated, dynamic things, especially when there’s a lot of history behind them, and it’s not always possible for everything to be “resolved.” A sense of obligation to others who we form close relationships with probably does keep people stuck in endless loops of incarnations – but one thing I’ve learned about obligation is that our only real obligations are those which we place upon ourselves. For my part, I figure that if I’ve got any standing issues with anyone else by the time I choose to stop incarnating – our higher selves can just talk it out over an astral beer, with full memory of the specifics involved. Good way to cut down on the drama, methinks.

Beliefs and Subconscious Structures
The Buddhists may be onto something with this “seeds planted in the mind” idea, though I highly doubt that every single act creates a new one. What I can verify is that habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions create structures in the mind and energy bodies, which then exert a tremendous influence over what we experience. Our beliefs play a large role in creating our experience, as do the energetic structures created over time by habitual thought and courses of action. It may well be that holding a strong belief in a “law of karma” creates that structure within yourself, which you’ll then start manifesting in your circumstances. It’s worth mentioning that these structures can be nearly instantaneously changed or even destroyed, resulting in a corresponding change in the influences and experiences one attracts. Suffice to say that if there ever was a karmic mechanism at work in my life, I think I broke it. Oops.

These structures can influence us across multiple lifetimes, which may have given rise to some of the ancient ideas about karma. Similarly to how past aspects of ourselves can manifest old unresolved patterns in our present circumstances, these aspects of ourselves can also originate in other lifetimes. It becomes problematic to try and place these patterns in any kind of moral or ethical context, however. Invariably they are the result of unhealed trauma, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Alternately, negative entities are known for implanting similar structures and interfering with one’s internal patterning (and by extension, the circumstances one attracts) without the awareness of the target. Over the course of my healing work on myself and others, where causes of present life patterns tend to be brought to light, I have yet to come across a case of someone “paying” for something they did in the past.

Nonphysical Allies and Adversaries
As you progress along your spiritual path, things tend to “heat up” which can produce an effect similar to karma. Once you’ve awakened to the idea that you’re on a specific path, your actions carry more weight, and wandering from your path, even unknowingly, can carry consequences. This may indeed be a natural mechanism, although I am more inclined to say it’s an extension of the free-will factor, involving positive and negative nonphysical entities and input from your own higher self. As we begin to awaken, we tend to attract attention from both sides. The possibility of seekers becoming the target of negative interference has already been explored in this blog. On the positive side, the saying “to whom much is given, much is required” applies here. Individual paths vary greatly, but in general, you will be held accountable for whether or not you are true to yourself and your nature as it’s defined at the highest level, with the stakes getting higher as you move closer to your Higher Self. Since this is unique for every person, exactly what you’re being held accountable for will not fit neatly into any broad-based religious moral code. Additionally, any positive beings (such as those we might think of as deities) who choose to work with you may also expect a high standard, complete with tests and seemingly harsh correction for not being true to your highest potential. Think of it like training under a venerable kung fu master. But again, this has nothing to do with universal mechanisms or what is “deserved” – it’s a matter of your higher self making an agreement with another being, likely one who specializes in a certain area, to work with one of its incarnations in order to develop in that direction. In any case, from my own exploration with various beings I get the impression that none of them are in the business of smiting the wicked and blessing the righteous across the board, and they don’t know anyone who is, either.

Belief in Karma Creates Suffering
At its worst, a strong belief in a law of karma can actually generate negative experiences in one’s life. There are many factors that could create a single negative experience – but combined with that belief in karma, one might begin wondering “what I must’ve done to deserve this,” which attaches guilt to the event. This guilt will attract more unpleasantness – and now we’re back to the vicious cycle created by the misguided idea of “deserved suffering.” Someone with a habitual victim mentality may well attract a person with sadistic tendencies who will abuse them – because they deserve it? No, because they can. If the targeted person feels guilt on top of their suffering (which is a tactic many abusers use to project the blame away from themselves!) they have only compounded their problem. As we have seen, suffering balances nothing and benefits nobody, because it tends to radiate outward and produce more suffering. Does this sound like an ordeal worth putting yourself through, over a supposed offense you don’t remember committing, that you can’t even verify? Hopefully not!

Another important factor to consider are the true psychopaths – people and entities who most would think have accumulated some heavy karma if anyone has, by deliberately causing others to suffer. However, the existence of this condition throws another monkey wrench into the wheel of karma itself. If someone literally has no conscience, then no amount of karmic backlash is going to give them one, or turn them into anything other than a psychopath. If that person were to hypothetically incarnate again without the psychopathy, their problem is already solved, and the backlash would fall on someone whose fundamental nature is not capable of committing the original offenses, and who has no awareness of having done so in the past. Once again: no balance or divine justice to be found here.

Putting it All Together
By putting the concept of free will together with the subconscious patterns and energetic structures that influence the circumstances we attract, we can explain the mechanisms behind the things that happen to us, in ways that are readily verifiable, without resorting to an external mechanism such as karma. With no way to verify its existence, and plenty of other ways to account for the phenomena it’s said to produce, karma is thus relegated to the position of a somewhat less psychotic version of the Christian Hell: a “consequence” invented to enforce a moral framework for which no natural consequences exist. We don’t like to think in these terms; that someone might commit an offense against us and “get away with it.” However, given the choice between embracing my personal sovereignty, and getting to see mine enemies struck down with great vengeance and furious anger (quite possibly by Samuel L. Jackson himself) – I think I’ll take the former. It is empowering to think that no universal mechanism or deity is “making me pay” for anything except, ultimately, myself – even if that means that the same goes for everyone else as well.

Look to no external authority to settle your affairs; all authority resides with YOU.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Dark Expanse, the Light Source, and Earth

The Dark Expanse is all that is, all that has ever been, and all that ever will be. The Light Source is also all that is, all that has ever been, and all that ever will be. A vague perception, a game of time begins only as we do, and builds slowly in intensity. We are infinities of tiny lights separating gently from Sourcemotherfather. Some beings claim to be born misshapen, shoved rudely from The Dark Expanse. These Darkwalkers are barely visible, usually only seen as black, stealthy shapes blocking out the view of stars. They are mysterious, and if they grow, they grow at their own pace.

We Children of Light are diverse. Some quickly learn that they are ready, and excitedly, they become carbonbased solidpeople, and enter the Earthgame, or other planets, with joy.

Others travel, and create. Our light slowly becomes multi-coloured and brighter, with every Sourced soul we meet. There is much to learn from the varied life out there – many different types of elementals, or those who breathe vacuum and have tentacles, or antennae, or even claws with sharp teeth. Many are friendly, strangely beautiful, and mistaken for monsters.

Us multi-coloured energy beings feel the drive to workplay. Darkwalkers bring us chaotic minerals and many materials, and we show them colours that those with fleshly planet-bound bodies can’t see. Out of these sacred unions, stellar nurseries are born.

We join council with Source, and other beloveds, and decide when to enter our cycle of the planet-bound.

We are everywhere here, and yet few know us. We love you anyway.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, January 19, 2014

Thursday, 26 December 2013

From Firewater to Flowerdancing

Breathe firewater
through me from my
crown to my soles.
Make me as a warm swimmer, able to later
recall with striking and sudden clarity each
flavour and colour of
our elemental memory.

Fly flowerdancing air
through my fragrant
earth, up my roots,
to my beckoning leaf-
tops, then my snow-
tipped mountains.

With your breezekiss
I will awaken.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, December 26th, 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

An Amalgamation of the Artistry of Gem Song

A shifting and conjoining of metals to stones,
soundless to other timelines.
Every instrument here with only us.

My tiger’s eyes gently set
into the diamonds you see me with.

Fitting lips to lips,
filling each other’s tiny
garnet creases precisely.

A flawless photosynthesis of
gracefully joining jewels in colours
on a spectrum not for human eyes.

We dance here,
and become both two and one.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, November 21, 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Spiritual Truther: Exopolitics and Metaphysical Spirituality (free sources of information)

This post is organized into two lists; articles, then sites. I fully agree with all of these articles or at least find them very compelling, except where noted. As with anything online, the sites may or may not contain a mix of truth, misinformation and / or disinformation (None of them are my sites, and so the information on them is subject to change). Use your own discernment, as I always do, and have fun learning.

I had visions, meditated on, and intuited many of the ideas I then started to read about. I use these informational sources in an attempt to corroborate ideas that have been presented to me. I am constantly in a state of learning. I encourage you to take the time to properly contemplate any of the information you find intriguing. Whether online, at your local library, conversing with elders, spiritual adepts, scientists, and contemporaries - please do not ever decide you are finished learning about our vast, varied and remarkable universe.

This post will no longer be updated, but you can check out and subscribe to my truther blog, Esoteric Archive.


10 Reasons I'm Not A "Lightworker"
Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA 
Rethinking Karma
Scientific Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists The Most Sane Of All
The Declaration of Human Sovereignty
Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light
Biometric Surveillance Meets Nanotechnology
Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love Bite?
What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence
Music Industry Exposed Part 1 – Misuse and Abuse of Esoteric Symbols
The Transhumanism Trap: Why Biohacking Chains Consciousness to the Material World
The Science Of Raising Your Vibration
Mankind's Forbidden History Holds the Answer for the "Missing Link"
The Most Important TED Talk to date: Challenge Your Perception (a scientist explores mysticism)
Scientific Proof of Reincarnation: Dr. Ian Stevenson's Life Work
8 Things You Didn’t Know About Death
The truth - a brief history of so-called "ascended masters"
New Age Love and Light Fallacies
The truth about the galactic federation of light and ashtar command
How To Exit The Reincarnation System
How Materialism posing as Mysticism subverts Spirituality and limits Consciousness
A Choice between Probable Futures: A Little Told Tale. Which nucleus do you want to ride on?
Holographic reality fields?
Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix
Spiritual Self-Defence
Sacred Geometry and the Harmony of The Spheres. Listen to a beautiful musical version of Harmony of The Spheres.

Spiritual psychology (about people somewhat hidden and in between fully souled and psychopathic): Spiritless Humans, Organic Portals - Soulless Humans, both building off of the article, Organic Portals - The "Other" Race (note: the source used to be uncorrupted when the material first came out years ago, however there are now indications of narcissism in that group, so I advise caution if you study more of their work).

Why I Am No Longer a "Light Worker" (The hidden truths about ascension) and part 2 - Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign
(My note: I agree with these articles, however there is one additional piece of important information on this subject that I have discerned since. I want to make some information about Archangels clear, as per my experiences and studies. There seem to be both some real Archangels aligned with Source Energy who are able to be just as susceptible to manipulation of their energies as humans are, and fake-angels who are programmed by the matrix to closely mimic Archangels. Please take a lot of time to be discerning of your intuition [and independently research new age psy-ops] if you are telepathically communicating with otherworldly beings. Contemplate the situation as much from an intellectual standpoint as from an emotional one. Only sometimes are the true benevolent Archangels able to break through to us and help when we ask. Spiritual hierarchy is a false concept which is only used on this planet to control people. We were all created from Source Energy [or God, as many of you call it], and so we are all equally part of it, and in our natural state we are truly sovereign beings. So, we have to help Archangels with the strength of our positive energies as much as they may have the ability to help us. These articles are well worth taking the time to read, and I hope you do so. Much peace and love towards you in your spiritual journey!)

Archons, ETS, Creation, Galactic History and The Future of Humanity, with Andrew Bartzis (Here are his soul contract revocations, this Facebook group has more, and I've started a site for revocations here)


Transcending the Matrix Control System (The most comprehensive spiritual truther site online)
Exploring Cern: There is no such thing as "the god particle"
In 2 Worlds: Waking up to another layer of reality - Esoteric and Metaphysical Database
Ascension Help Blog (despite the "wait, is this one of those flaky new age sites?" title, it's a great resource for no-nonsense socio-political and spiritual articles)
EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe
The Metaphysics Research Lab at Stanford University
World Transformation

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cosmic One

I am a star both imploding and exploding simultaneously as planets circle me,
using rainbow energy beams to communicate, to connect love.
In this moment which is timeless everywhere,
frozen between and within all moments,
one reflects upon the creation of you and I.
We remember the ecstatic, chimerical union of all
within these hidden realms of
broken thought-forms, soul fragment completions, and Source reunions.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, October 24, 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Camouflaged Hazel Shades for the New Trillenium

If we grow me up from grounded energy,
so I then have a body,
I will see you and how your grey-green eyes
perfectly compliment my brown-green-yellow ones.
The colours all mix and dance together until we
are creating love as all of the stars parents should.

It’s a completely new and camouflaged
cosmic skyscape for the trillenium.
Our part in hiding this heaven of a prize.

They won’t see us here, it’s completely safe.
We’ve built a shiny web of lightlove to protect us all.

I am not a hyper nova.
You are not a desolate, grounded landscape.

I am a shooting star frozen in wonder,
and you are a planet
who watches me, who
pauses afar oh so patiently.
You twirl in one place and I am always
somewhere in your meditations.

And if we change
desires current outcome,
I will set our love free
to play up a dance,
a creation of starstrands
which will decorate
the entire multiverse.

All who do as we do
will re-build those celestial sparkling castles
from all those trillions of cycles ago,
and call up all of the light ones to join our
new utopian paradise.

We are not lost in love.

We are found.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, Oct. 15, 2013

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I will call him emerald eyes and ask him to keep his eyes open when I kiss him; all the better for my tired eyes to drink in the healing colour. My mouth will flower magic to give his sore throat voice. We will find each other on a blue and red day and I will be clothed in silver Goddess shine. His light will be of bright orange and yellow as a proper God. On this day we will finally discover that I was a moon who fell to earth and became a girl, and he was my sun who fell with me to become a boy. Deities grown, we will rejoin to form a rainbow.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, October 8th, 2013

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wordless Poem

I am cold, then
the rain sets me on fire.
Yet the air is cool and sweet.
Lit up, I search for you in watery skies.

I find you, bright and true.
Your soul is painted with part of me.
I too have always carried part of you.
Thunder cracks when lightning connects our
spiritbodies in a crash.

Together we fall slowly to flesh,
to home, to bliss.

Your kisses promise warmer days.
Each one its own step in integration
of a lifetimes worth of passion.
Against the earth we are becoming one as
you write poetry of us
with your eyes and your hands.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, September 11, 2013

Sunday, 1 September 2013

You Within my Colours

Swirling within my colours
are my transmutational
transmitters and receivers.
They play at work to
soften, stroke, love, hold
all of the pieces of you which
were, are and will be.

Your gold is the only one which matches my silver.

The alchemy of this is me
loving you with all of the
magic I pull from the
stars to keep you warm.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 30th, 2013

Friday, 28 June 2013

Random Feather and Other Last Week in June Musings

When angels and demons join hands to form faeries, both sides gain through the lessening of their extreme natures.

Have you ever noticed that you can use your hands to tear small pieces from a feather, but you can't rip the feather in half? No one else can rip the feather in half because you are holding it. A feather is as light as the inside of your chest if you will it so. Then you can let the feather fall to the earth where it could have a slow comforting warmth begin anew.

As if the Summers sun slowly and warmly appears on the coldest of Winters days is how both seasons cause love to join simply and with elegance.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Boundless Timeless Dream

Your beauty is boundless and endless like
so many starry streams which meander through
galaxies of worlds.
If you will take a comet
I will follow you to a new universe.

You cause colours of unknown names and visions
to burst forth from me.
I let them marinate in cosmic stew.

Let us both paint unlimited mirth on these skies.

Are you becoming all of me and I of you,
in these open expansive expressive heavens,
as nothing on earth moves to be?

It’s a slow steady dream,
surreal and pretty to the touch,
these places only we know and go.
The timelessness causes no rush;
we are free of time and
will both always be.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, May 25, 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013

Paraselene (a short piece of speculative space fiction)

There was once a galaxy in a universe far, far away. In this galaxy slowly rode a moon and her name was Paraselene. Her shiny surface was brighter and whiter than any other moon. She filled with joy when comets, nebulae and asteroids would often visit. She vividly felt their playful bright shoots of colour, and their swirling rainbow energy and graceful stone dances. She had a brother who was a planet; somehow always protective and comforting by her side, even while both were spinning. She shined even brighter still when witnessing all of those friends and their various arts.

Sometimes she imagined that she had a sister - a sun on the opposite side of the planet, who would briefly twinkle at her with affection – for just a quick moment, as her brother tilted slightly a certain way each of his cycles, and Paraselene would struggle, heavily laden and weary with moondust, to try and move just a little bit closer…. This was mere fancy however, born out of millennia of stellar boredom. It must be. Mustn't it? For although her imagination sometimes seemed to show her a sparkle of a bright yellow star peeking out around Brother Planet, this false sun of her brothers never came closer, and Paraselene could never get the sense that she might be getting any closer to it…

To sooth herself of this confusion and frustration, Paraselene hums a song she can feel as the universe and all of its cosmic gatherings and teachings marches on. Celestial bodies float serenely in a velvet dry sea, lulled by the vibrations of a humming moon.

Paraselene is feeling a sense of the surreal - and then there are many pieces of oddly shaped metal moving to surround brother planet - suddenly there is so much blinding bright yellow light everywhere - caught within many beams of blue light - and no order to this act, no reason - as Paraselene weeps oceans of silvery tears - enough tears to fill every one of her beautifully symmetrical craters. She feels it as Brother Planet is just suddenly and horribly GONE - instead of the bulky round majestic blues and greens of her most familiar friend, only so many different chemicals and minerals cruelly and inexplicably - dissipated.

Her tears move to sparkle around her and hang as filaments of translucent light. They quickly move all of her light to rushing inside of her so that -

A small door opens in the dark opaque metal skin of a moon in a galaxy, in a universe far, far away. A fleshperson ascends to stand upon the lip of the doorway, encased in protective, magnetic spacesuit, attached to the inside by a cord. Under the helmet and affixed to the front of the suit is a small tag with words written in a language that eventually more than one person will understand: “Paraselene – Mother, Mission the Second”. The fleshperson turns to look back inside and smiles.

The beginning.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, April 26, 2013

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

We are the ancients

Have you ever wondered about the mythologies of the world? About where all of these legends came from? We are the descendants of our ancient ancestors who came here from many different worlds. I tell you, lucidly and without the shadow of doubt, that I have knowledge of a time millennia ago when us people created the very stars and planets where those “stories” were first socialized. Their patterns of drama, tragedy, comedy, lessons, of life - are all twisted, diluted and practiced still on earth today. When I first began to realize this, around age 13, I suffered a much more extreme and unrelenting insomnia than I do now. At 32, I’m now able to realize that I was truly in awe and terrified of the limitless depth and immensity of the cosmos. I believe I sub-consciously feared falling into it and never waking again. As an adult my insomnia now is caused by a mix of chronic pain, the worries of every day life, and often just by my random contemplations. Am I mad? It may be logical to think so. It may be logical for some to wonder if I suffer from a peculiar lucid form of madness – in fact it is a thought that in the past I have entertained many times myself. There are many senses beyond the five which modern science tells us about. The sense that hinges me to logic is memory. The one which convinces me that I am sane is truth. As a person who loves to learn, change, grow and create, I admit that in a way, I have made all of this up. Just as we all make everything, from our galactic center to the interior of the earth, and from this universe to the next.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, March 6, 2013

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Under our skins and deep within our bones it is written in every language that we are all the same.
We are confusion and love and frustration and rain.
When cares fall from our bodies, unseen by all of these half-blind eyes,
unlamented by the strain,
they are simply what they are.

They are.

Under our feet and deep within our soul, one heart beats in every sense that we are all the same.
We are earth, we are stone, we are fire and pain.
When this world falls from our minds, experienced by these opened eyes,
intensely scented by the gain,
We are simply what we are.

We are.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, February 3, 2012

Accelerated Evolution, Under Water and on Land, With Stars Dimmed

It's becoming more difficult to pretend things aren't changing, even though it’s all in the details. Insects are still six feet tall and they still crowd the buses and the buildings. Some reptiles too, but most of them tend to stick to their SUV’s and their posh cocktail parties. There are still people - brownies, narwhals and selkies, humans, satyrs, elementals and other various gentle folk, scattered all around this world. At times we are connecting, dancing, discovering and growing together strictly via various forms of electricity.

Food is often halfway edible, if that - even when it smells ripe and seems healthy. So there ends up being less of that sort of eating. There are certain words, sounds, colours, and psi abilities that taste better. Even most memories feel more palatable. And not only the ones that sparkle in such a fashion that you just know they were born from white hot suns billions of years ago.

Recently I have noted with some confusion and a surreal, intriguing and (surprisingly only slight) disorientation – but not apprehension, that occasionally my perception of change is suddenly simultaneously faster and slower for certain things. Or maybe the very nature of the processes of change are changing.

Honesty doesn’t completely disappear, even when it is of something that is running from itself to try and feel safe again. Truly living instead of merely surviving must be worth not always feeling safe. There are so many bright experiences we don’t currently know of. I confess that there are times I feel so finished with having legs to walk me across this earth, that I would prefer to be experiencing life as a cetacean. Graceful water-living without starting to become choked and with no fear of drowning. In other places of this life I am wanting to be a feline. The kind of cat who doesn’t look so closely through all of the details and just jumps on the gazelle because it is in her nature and it is her right. Dolphins’ swim-dance. Tigers’ leap-jump. I work towards more types of land-action and I must allow patience to be my guide.

There are moments when I am suddenly almost breathless, heart pumping faster and getting shivers – and I don’t quite know why; there is no physical substance use. It will feel as if starlight is rushing up and down my spine. Something is lightening inside, something is being learned and integrated. My sub-conscious will store the data. It will seem to be me for about a minute, seeing all of myself. It’s exhilarating. That reminds me that nothing is hidden forever. Nature will allow me to take flight.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, February 3, 2013

Friday, 21 December 2012

Exercise And The Cosmos

Things like dance, tai chi, meditation or any kind of exercise illustrate and parallel the cosmos as stars and planets coming to life and death. That's why those practices make us feel happier and more connected to other people and to the universe.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Near a Warm Winter Solstice, in the Year of our Lady and of Our Lord, Twenty Hundred and Twelve

“Where did you go?”

“I was in another dimension, in your arms.”

“I’ve been there. I wonder how many others know that those places are real.”

“That time moves and shifts with our actions…that we are everywhere, infinitely…”

“Yes…there are so many places and lives to be in at once that I lose count. I become dizzy with knowing.”

“Who are we, really…? What do we do here? When we love them and then a contract is completed, do we leave them with value, or only with sorrow?”

“With both! I believe…usually with both.”

“Do you prefer the icy planets, or the ones with hotter climates, volcanoes and the like? I’ve always appreciated a good blizzard. But yet there is something to be said for a life or two under a good warm sun.”

“I don’t…I like variety. Why chose? We incarnate so much.”

“I think things will change soon. For some of us. We may be flesh for the last time. Don’t you remember at least vaguely what it felt like to just be in the skies?”

“Ha! Time! There’s the trap, the illusion we set for ourselves – why? Somewhat for the boredom, and often there’s a dash of humour, but even a babe-in-arms remembers intuitively, subconsciously, that this whole experiment, this series of adventures, is really for the learning. As for remembering the skies, no. I have, of course, the simple knowledge. Who knows how many experiences we have left to discover? I do enjoy each body, playing out each story. And yet…hmmmm…to be otherwise…”

“It makes me smile to think on it. You will enjoy it. Really FEELING timeless, being pure spirit, the sensation of truly existing across all dimensions, knowing all time games, without the slightest disorientation…It is indescribable really, in any of these spoken tongues. We will discover it, know it, feel it, and integrate it. We will be it. We exist somewhere, forgetting that there are pieces of us in simultaneouswhere. Timelessness to end, and time to begin. Here. Hear?”

“…Indeed. What is, also was, and will be. The fascinating brain-twister, the constant familiar friend of contemplation after contemplation. Going in circles through the mind, over and over and – stopped.”

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, December 16, 2012

Connectivity and Contemplative Learning

If you feel like shit, lonely, unloved, your life sucks, whatever - think about it this way: The reason that people will love you is BECAUSE you love people. If you actually don’t know how to love people, then that’s because you are very selfish, and likely a sociopath – this is probably not you ;)! If you have forgotten how to love, then your life so far has been very sad. Platonic love and feeling connected to people can be simpler than we sometimes make it out to be.

People are so much more generally beautiful with their little "flaws". Read body language. Small unusual quirks in features and facial expressions can make someone seem interesting - and when you talk to them to prove that they are interesting, they have imaginative, fun, shocking, or informative things to say which may instantly connect them to you. This is when you just “click” with someone and easily make a new and valued friend – not something which is extremely common for all of us. Whoever you meet, friend or possible “foe” (I prefer to think of them as social leaches that are to be avoided whenever possible), you will usually learn something new, and all learning has value in some sort of way, even if that value seems very small. Even if you just learn a lesson – yes, even if they hurt you in some way and / or maybe you hurt them. Learning is very important in relation to happiness – something we all sometimes forget. Learning, hope, and contemplation…and maybe most of all, patience.

The most important thing I’ve learned this year is how to want love from a specific person, yet not NEED it from that person. I feel I can now separate the two emotions – and this is huge for me. It has been very complicated, intense, and transformative. Hopefully I will not be a typical stubborn Virgo and have to learn this lesson again! If this is something you struggle with, since I’ve learned it, I don’t see any reason why you can’t.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

When I Make Art

Simple loneliness. Infinite, basic love. All encompassing focused love. A chaos of people and places, voices and visions. Visually bright, figuratively, ironically dark. Bursting forth, a mess of lines and colours. Shifting, melding, coalescing. Vague shapes becoming faces. New shades of colours emerging. Bodies twisting within hearts, throughout stars – animals, rarely human, often fae. So much colour to speak for so much love and solitary pain it burns the screen, the program, the page, oversaturated, an insanity of hue and luminescence…! Tears, end-smiles. All angles, fractured. All shades turned up or turned down. Unclothed, nothing to hide except words. Colours speaking louder, words unneeded. Frozen silent, timeless, true. Containing all of me, experiences and moods unmeasured. Open for interpretation. Me. You?

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, December 12, 2012

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Star Love

I love you more
than the mass
of every single star
in the universe.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, December 3, 2012

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Glowing and Growing

Let your brain grow these colours out into this world.
Set all the colourstuff free on waves of pure light.
We can both -
we can all do this.
I can help you direct the colourwaves to where they need to go
to bring peace to those
most mind-tortured.

If we can help them to heal
of what they have seen
and screamed through,
we will all be as pure as
the magic of a hymn
from that far away gigantic sun
where first our flesh took breath.

The soundwaves, the lightcolours,

What else can we do?

The way colours can glow,
the way we grow, we
travel through all the cycles of a brain.
discovery, fascination, learning...

After death, the Afterworld.
The expansion of thought across all
possible universes.
Infinite alternate realities.

With a thought you can see
all the possible alternate lives,
all the threads of YOU.
And in the center of everything, your mind
sewn together, feeling all the threads.

You are eternal.

Where will you go, who will you be

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, June 8, 2012

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Feel The Song

(Note: The following is only slightly fictional, in that I do not use a wheelchair.)

My legs, the pain...
I can no longer be supported.
I sit in a wheelchair.
I am encased in a plastic shell.
Blinded by the people I've experienced.
By the lies and truths I've been assaulted with.

When I'm in here I don't hear them.
I hear me.
I hear the music of the cosmos.
Tuning forks and the slow gentleness of the sweetest bells
sing to me of places we will once again all go.

I am safe here, alone.
My eyes no longer see.
I FEEL colours.
Each note of the song,
a different colour, dancing around me.
Each colour is a distant star
and each star a home I once had or will have.

I feel an image of one of the stars.
It is of me,
without pain,
an athlete of all dimensions.
Is this my past or my future?

This exhilarating image of a life lived
with a body which does not betray me...
A body which bends, twists, runs, dances, MOVES
as I no longer can...

Knowing that this me exists or will exist,
I accept that, and I accept this gift
of the colourful song.

The plastic shell around me dissolves.
Safe in the arms of my universe,
I fall gratefully into blessed sleep.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, November 5th, 2011

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Giants Dance

as the Giants dance
at the Giants Dance
stones of Goddess shine
lifting all the grime
as you watch they
hold hands and
spin around as the
Moon looks down
sing and dance with them

wish you could
join with them
become them in their skin
feel the earth vibrate
as you carve your place
see them growing out
of the trees and the ground
drawing symbols in
the Goddess delicate skin
love letters to her
as this day they
hold their circle
open for her

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, date unknown (late 1990's or early 2000-ish)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Autumn Journey to Red Moon Cave

Do we heal with green or
calm with blue?

Orange is an early autumn evening
The doorway between the trees inviting
The archway of leaves breeze-beckoning

How blue it is
How green it looks

How foreign the passageway through
Rainbow of leaves at your feet
Fuzzy tunnel of light surrounding you

Blue wind you feel
Greenery you see

Red moon is midnight
The jewel at the heart of the cave
Voices of ether call from her
Nations have sprung forth,
died for her

She is red as she is life
She gives you red to die
She is blue as she is love
She looks green where she lies

Night stretches towards morn
As you kneel your song is true
In a tongue you do not know
All too soon the journey is through

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, June 10/11, 2008

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Poisoned Stardust

We are all the poisoned. We don't want to poison in turn. We want to be Greek-like and agape-love you, but we aren't sure if we can do that. That's because some of you are just so loud with words, and yet you say so little.

We feel our red blood changing colours from the breeze, from the ocean, and from the bread. We can't escape these things, and they are constantly changing us. We desperately close our eyes and fly our godlights to the stars. We drink of starnectar, hoping it is enough to slowly heal us of the poison. We dream of leaving these bodies fully and once more becoming stardust.

We don't know for certain exactly where these changes will take us but we know we will find sovereignty at the end. We came to Gaia to learn. We wish you would be with us. We wish you could open your eyes and become divine with us. We all live in a sphere heavy with water, with life. We live in the biggest school in the galaxy, and our truancy is shameful. Be alive. Become love itself! We promise you there is enough love for all to receive, as long as all give of it as well.

As we get closer and closer to the ends of these lives and the way that we are forced to live them, remember...remember when you were made only of pure energy. Remember when your neighborhood was made up of stellar atmospheres, stars, planets and other spacestuff - instead of stale dirty air, Monsanto monsterfood, houses and despair. Know that everyone and everything goes back to the source in perfect love, in perfect beauty and in perfect peace.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, January 7th, 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Angelic Ascension And The Dreamtime

Protection for those of us who
earths angels we work to be.
Specifically my angels I call to my dreams,
when right now I go me to sleep.

Both eyes wide open,
both eyes light shut.
No one will drain
my etheric brain taut.

In the dreamtime I'm free
to play and learn out
whatsoever I chose
to then be my route.

This I will do
for me and for you.
This is as we
are not only two.

We are one,
we are many,
we are the individual,
and the plenty.

In all different ways
this light we do grow,
so that all of you, everywhere
should easily glow.

When to this world I wake,
one day I shall be
myself a full human,
and that human will speak.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 9, 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

Mirrored Mist, Chrysalis, To Dance Or To Fall?

"Who are you? You have angels here? Where?"
He spoke, and became intrigued.
She smiled softly, saying,
"Just look in my aura", and she became peace.

He saw every colour of her reflection,
in every pure and true shade.
His own colours smiled broadly,
and were merged with
hers to shine a blinding
sparkled hue,
as one rainbow soul,
in a mirror, yet not trapped.

Those colours have drifted their mist
to the grass and have been slowly
melding and flowing as intensely confused
rainwater in all directions,
towards separate cliffs.

Will the magic stop to save,
to regroup, to rise and dance once more?
Or will the magic
fall to sink
into the continuously boiling ocean,
to renew, and to restore?

Here is change once more,
old adversary,
insistent teacher.

So now once again she has been turned
inside out only to somehow have learned
to become further herself.

Will she cycle constantly,
metamorphose into
butterfly after butterfly, only
to be suddenly carried away from the
sweet breeze on a sudden gust of a
cold solitary timeless jet stream?

Will she
receive back what she does

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 24, 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Devalue art and those of us who make it, and you are really only devaluing yourself. Because as much as you may not want to admit it, you really enjoy what we do. No, forgetting even that - you are OBSESSED sometimes by what we do! And so are we!

Everyone watches TV, movies, listens to music, reads, and admires visual art. We find things in these forms of entertainment which not only entertain us, but which make us FEEL. They can make us happy, make us laugh, make us sad and yet validated as, “finally, someone understands me”. Art can make us marvel at whatever new ANYTHING we learned about! Art constantly reminds us of our commonalities. It reminds us that in certain ways, when we have a chance to not worry about things like paying the bills, we are still childlike. We still enjoy beauty and fun. Art can make one feel truly alive when finally getting home from the tedious daytime grind. But if you are not an artist, you may not ever consider how much WORK, how much of an artists SOUL goes into their work. How many sleepless nights and tears went into that drawing they made or those words they wrote, which moved you to tears.

If you express to an artist how much you love their work, even if they are so worn down and exhausted by the emotional roller-coaster that inspired that work, they will probably smile. And even if you can’t see it in their faces, they are shining inside. Do you know what that tends to cause? Well, naturally, a happy artist is more likely to make happy art. And happy art makes everyone smile , without having to go through tears first.

(Thanks to the people of Inspire Art for inspiring this, and especially Anthony Spears.)

Feel free to join us @ the Inspire Art facebook group, whether you make art or not.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Sweet Sparkling Colours

Sparkles float in the light
above us,
the sweetest smell of every
colour you never imagined.
Drops of shiny light-magic
fall to bathe us slowly,

The light shifts, growing outward, downward.

His wings move to
gather the moist faedust
around us.
He swings them around
to enfold, possess me.

The feathers, soft and warm,
I reach up to caress as his eyes
alight on mine.

There is no word
in any language,
for this connection,
this merging of souls.
I cringe to say love as
that word, for us, seems pale and small,
with most of the colour
dripped away...

Out of time this scene
happened, is happening, will happen.

This human I am now longs
to fully remember the richness of this,
the vibrancy of colour,
the brightness of pure emotion

I will wait
I will remember,
until once more he arrives.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, June 5, 2012

Love Spell

If I were a witch
from an olde faerytale,
I would conjure me up

a man who was happy,
a man who was bright,
a man with a heart both full
and of light.

a man who would match me in
love and in might...
My equal in all ways,
with me to take flight.

Now these words I have written,
these words you have read,
Are they not then a spell
that we open and send?

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 7, 2012

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Indigo & The Keeper

It starts with a set of eyes opening. Her eyes. But yet... these eyes are huge, and wall sized in front of her. They are almost horrifying by their presence, except they are familiar. They are all shades of brown and green. The eyes blink slowly, emitting a warm loving feeling.

She begins to breathe, and stands up. (Standing? Legs? What?) She watches, entranced, as between the eyes a soft white light starts to grow. The light grows until it is so bright she brings up a hand (A hand? What is that?) to shield her face. (A face? Well now I've experienced everything.) The light around the edges of her hand dims and she takes the hand away to see that the whiteness has become a deep indigo, and is in the vague, fuzzy form of a doorway.

The doorway opens. The form that steps onto the threshold has long arms, short stubby legs, a long spiky tail that hangs back over the doorway, and a face that is there one moment, and pure indigo light the next. The face is as mother one moment, and father the next. The beast has wide tipped claws attached to the ends of its arms and legs, on fat furry paws. it glows all shades from white to indigo. It's torso is one moment symmetrically rounded, and the next displays life sustaining breasts. It's body is one moment reptilian, and the next mammalian and furry.

It tilts it's head to one side and smirks slightly, not unkindly. "So it begins again", it says. It's voice is like bells, like a deep bass, and yet like the lower notes of a piano all at once. She starts to move towards it and the doorway, saying "What is beginning?", but it holds up one paw. "Not yet dear-heart. It really IS just beginning", and for just a moment it's face is transformed by existing as a grandmotherly, loving crone, and it smiles. She smiles back. "Do you remember what you have chosen? What must be, what must become, and how to separate the two?" She is confused and feels light headed. "I'm not sure. Everything is all muddled, the way I'm thinking. How can I ever be sure that what's happening was meant to happen, or simply only the results of my actions?"

The beast, the Keeper of the doorway answers, "Simple. You remember I am here and consult with me on a daily basis. It is, after all, why we decided I would guard this doorway. Why I keep and protect this for you". It reaches into it's chest and pulls out a book. On the cover are the words 'All Of The Secrets Of The Universe'. She gasps in surprise and wonder and reaches for it. The Keeper yanks the book back into it's chest to disappear, and chuckles, throwing it's head back. "Ahhh, silly girl, it's not to be read yet! Why do you know what would happen if you opened this book?!I'll tell you what would happen! Everything out there", it motions behind it, through the doorway, "would quite simply cease to exist! There is a time for everything, out there. Oh but don't be too disappointed. The time is soon." She nods thoughtfully. (wait, I have a head? What is a head again...?) "Ok. I trust you. You are, after all... who are you again?" The keeper smiles and all at once she realizes and giggles sweetly. "Oh. Right".

"Yes, don't fret love. Everything you ever need to survive out there is always in here", The Keeper holds out it's paw. "Are you ready?" "Yes." She smiles. "Now that I know you will always be in here". She grasps it's paw and together they step through the doorway.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 2010

To Write is to Magic

I wrote so rapidly,
I was breathless,
my heart trying to break
right out of my chest.
It was when I was finished,
there was a lovely mess
of magic that rose to delight the eye
and the mind was caressed just as
beauty divine.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, July 10, 2012

Spiritual Romance: Two poems, one prose

Creation: Flower To Rainbow Cord

You have the stem.
I have the petals.
Let's finish
natures art.

Flow like water,
burn like fire,
and yet be a sweet breeze
that anchors to my damp
warm earth.

Then take me to space,
to the centre of the
where all is still and quiet.
Only there do the pieces
that we are
truly merge to make one

In the infinite skies of
every dimension,
you husband to
me a wife
of all elements.

When forgetting timelessness,
we see we have
created a rainbow cord
connecting our two
forms as truly one.

Together and yet as two,
we once more
descend to flesh.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, September 10, 2012

The Love of the Lady of Ten Thousand Names and the Bright Lord

You are my moon and my stars
and my deep velvet skies.
You are my sun and you bake
my slopes red on high.

My eyes, my oceans
gaze up at you,
as your breath caresses
my soul anew.

Trees shake, land quakes,
and kisses cloud, to blanket us.
We awaken, transfusion complete.

Feel the pulse.
It's time.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, September 14, 2012

Beauty, Here and There

· 1 – Here

She wants him to see himself the way she sees him. She wants him to know what he looks like through her eyes. It doesn't actually matter, not in the end, if SHE can't be the one to make him truly and fully witness such beauty - someone, or some experience, eventually, MUST help him to see what she’s always seen. She is determined that this be so; whether by her hand or some other magic, it is no matter. This gift is her mission. There is even the possibility that if she can wrap this knowledge in white knights’ silk, and if he accepts this parcel, sweet with the scent of her skin and the taste of her breath, then in exchange she will receive enough energy, enough reward, to rest. Only by her success in this will he understand why, no matter what may befall either of them, she loves him. Her love for him is as pure and unspoiled as new-fallen snow on a clean, fresh new planet where no human has yet walked. Her love yearns to give, and only through the giving, to then, possibly take.

2 - There

This goal is realized in a world parallel to our own. Whenever we struggle to try and complete an important task Here, There it is being completed. If this weren’t so, then the scales which balance the negative and positive energies between each universe would become very confused. What would happen to all of the alternate timelines if one part of a universe fell off of its scale? We wouldn’t want to find out.

Picture two people standing in a meadow, surrounded by fire and ice in equal measure, with an open and dark purple sky, and many yellow and orange stars in attendance. Let us listen to one small part of her speech.

“I don’t know all of the places you have been in all of your lives and all of the things you’ve seen and done, divided between all of the people you have ever been. I have not seen the sum of your experiences on this planet, nor those on the ice planet, nor on any plane of existence. I know not the maths of your being.

I know two things.

First, I know that whatever it all amounts to, it hasn’t, and will never detract from your beauty. Even if you were not the fairest of men, and instead an ogre by physical eyes, my light would know your brightness and love it as only I know your beauty.

As truth.

Second, I know not that I must belong to you, and you to me. I know that even as two hearts match, they still must in some way be free.

This is why I tell, instead of asking. Do you see?”

He smiled.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


My brain expels
a silver cord stretching, waving, bending, reaching
up, up, up…
Into the skies, bright, past the
clouds and those might
part to let my spiritrope
pass in recognition or simply to escape
such urgency for sake
of their own safety and blissful simplicity.

I burst through bright skies, through layers
holding back all of the universes eyes.
In a bright shower of sparks my cable
races past stars, planets and asteroids -
through the black.

My bright rope anchors on
the same gigantic orange star.

I must not ever forget
that at the very same time
I am tree roots, many
reaching down through her
soil, weaving, back and forth
down, down, down
to be anchored
and held.

If I dwell here…
will I rest, then decide
on a new kind of life?
Shall I become my new fae, find
a cavern birthed from
one root to start my own
mythology, a new creation
inspired by all past incarnations…

I am both all skies
and all earths.

I must acclimate.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

That word...that emotion...that experience....

What if it's not your fault? What if there isn't anything wrong with you? What if you can stop over-thinking it and simply decide that you WILL get through this without misery? What if you can accept the fact that it happened, and that even though it was painful, you learned something from it? What if it might happen again? What if that means more pain, but yet also more learning?

More value? Yes.

It's happened more than once before, so it will probably happen again. You learned something new with every situation, so you were wrong, it wasn't a waste of your time. How could it have been a waste of your time when you are still alive? If you had finished experiencing and growing, you would be dead.

Has it occured to you that they may have learned something as well? Possibly something very good. Maybe they don't realize that they were left with something, but maybe someday they will. Doesn't that make it worth it? A secret possible gift that you have given, a memory hidden behind a heart... Doesn't that remind you of your purpose? Or have you forgotten that you are beautiful? When you were a very young child you knew. When the sky sent you here you were bathed in the indigo light of innocence. You truly knew that you were magical. Of course the years and the experiences sometimes make you forget. But in the furthest recesses of your mind this sacred knowlege can not be changed. In your truest form you were, are, and will always be divine.

You will accept the present and leave the past where it belongs. You will stop worrying about the future. You will trust that even if it doesn't happen again in the future, you WILL find ways to be happy. You will find ways to be useful. Because you don't NEED that to happen. Not that way. Because there are other ways, and those ways are happening right now. So you will notice and appreciate the details in small things of beauty, and you will wrap your heart around those things so that when needed, you can remind yourself that there is something in there.

While it is true that when the time comes, you will die alone, death is not really an ending, so much as a changing, and a new beginning. Remember that right now you are alive, and not alone. You are alive because you have important things to do here. If you didn't have a purpose, you would never have decided to be alive. If everything was constantly sunshine and happiness, what would be the point in living? Without change, there would be no purpose. You would wither and die in the monotony of bliss. You would have decided to just stay in the skies, where life without a body is very different. You need the darkness, so that you can tell the difference when there is light. You would be blinded by light if not for darkness.

Know that it exists in a form that is pure, simple and true, and it will never destroy you.

- © Emburr Orion Starshower, August 8, 2012

Spiritual Statement

For the rest of this lifetime, I will always be both a student and a teacher at exactly the same time.